All about Mike

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Michael Weiss is a true champion in the world of figure skating.

He is the first American man to land a quad toe loop in competition and also the first American to land a quad toe loop in a short program. He is also among the first to have earned the U.S and World Junior Champion and U.S. Senior Champion titles.
To see him skate is to watch a perfectionist at work. No practice is ever too long and no detail is ever too small. That's why he's a champion.

Michael excels in the artistic part of the sport, but it is his athleticism and training regimen that have had the biggest impact on his career. In addition to skating, Michael's training includes an intensive weightlifting program. He has a vertical jump of 36 inches (just inches short of Michael Jordan's) and also does Pilates exercises to improve strength and flexibility.

He is one of the few American men who can successfully land a quadruple jump in competition.

Michael brings to the ice a strong physical presence with an athletic style. He is equally at home interpreting both classical and modern music, and within this interpretation, including even the most difficult quadruple jumps. That ability has brought him international recognition.
He has built a strong and faithful following across the country. That's what champions do.

* Three-Time U.S. National Champion
* Two-Time World Bronze Medalist
* Member of U.S. Olympic team

Getting to know me

Born -- August 2, 1976, Washington, D.C, Doctors' Hospital
First Home -- MG Acres, Olney, Maryland
Brown hair, brown eyes
Height -- 5-feet, 9-inches
Weight -- 150 pounds
Body fat -- 6 percent

Graduate of Woodson High School, Fairfax, Virginia
National Honor Society
Member, Phi Theta Kappa Collegiate Honor Society
Prince Georges College Business Major, Associate Degree

Started in 1985
First medal -- Wissahikon Summer Skate, 1985
Choreography -- Known for elegant power and versatility of choreography
-Member, U.S. Figure Skating Eligibility and Sanction Committee
1997 -- First U.S. male skater to do a four rotation Jump
1992 --TV Commercial for U.S. Postal Service for Winter Olympics
Vertical jump -- 36 inches

Other Achievments
Reader's Choice: Skater of the Year Award 2000
Four Time Winner: Performance of the Year -- 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2001
USOC Skater of the Year -- 1999 and 2000
Father of the Year -- 1999
Member of Academic Fraternity: Phi Theta Kappa
Michael Weiss Day -- Fairfax, Va.

Charity Work
Special Olympics
Cystic Fibrosis
"Best Buddies"

Mike's Firsts
First to land a back flip with a full twist in a professional competition -- Hallmark Dec. 2002 -- otherwise known as the "Tornado"
First American to land a Quad Toe Loop in competition -- 1999 Worlds
First American to land a Quad Toe Loop in the Short Program -- 2000 Worlds