3 Simple Practices To Regain Your Inner Balance

Do you have a busy day that always leaves you extremely exhausted? Then you need something easy to help you relieve the anxiety and help you regain that inner balance. Below are some simple but workable practices that will quickly help you achieve this.

1. Get grounded


By reducing what we are thinking, it helps us connect to the healing power which can be done through the following ways; stepping on the ground barefooted, taking a deep breath into the head up to the base of your spine which helps to clear our minds. Whenever feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed just breathe in and out,

2. Get Centered

The heart is the hub of our being, therefore, having many functions hence a place where this and that can be balanced. After the stressful day, one can drop from the head to the heart to reside our stillness.

One can use the following ways to get centered be aware of your problem and bring it down to the heart.

Then close your eyes and take a deep breath into the head and then follow your exhale till it lands softly into the heart. Raise your both hands to meet above your head as you take a deep breath bringing the hands slowly down to your heart like someone praying.it is advised to be doing this exercise regularly to make it a home base where you can re-centered-balance and restore your balance.

3. Embodiment

For ones spirit to be entirely into your body, you must feel connected to the entire body, mind, and spirit for the uniform flow. For thoughts to run smoothly we need uniformity even though we have got other factors that try to pull us out of our center point to our bodies and into our head they include; computers, business, pressure one is undergoing, stress but one can easily overcome by being focused and making the right decisions in life.


In many cases, our mind lies and argue, but our body is always a place of truth using the example of our children who in many cases are pure, simple and embodied which makes them the antenna of spirit.

In conclusion follow the above simple and easy tips to achieve your healthy life within the shortest time possible.