4 Benefits of Applying Biophilic Design to a Gym

It is no secret that nature has a tremendous impact on our general well-being. Think about the feeling you get when you’re sitting somewhere surrounded by nature, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the beautiful landscapes and greenery. Notice how you feel much calmer when you’re away from the hectic surroundings you’re exposed to on a daily basis? The reason behind this is that human beings are fundamentally inclined to draw their energy and positivity from nature, which is also a fundamental concept the biophilic design is built on. Striving to harness the regenerative power of nature, this design is being integrated into spaces like gyms where well-being is the main focus. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the benefits that come with the application of biophilic design to gyms and why these types of gyms may be the future.

Good lighting design as a key to increased productivity levels


Gyms that make use of biophilic design affect customers in more than one way, the most notable one being enhanced productivity levels. Light has an enormous impact on the way we feel and function throughout the day, which is why special attention needs to be given to creating a good lighting design and making the most of both natural and artificial lighting options. Spending time in well-lit spaces is known to result in increased productivity, and because biophilic gyms make use of wellness lighting, customers are made to feel more energized and alert, thus being encouraged to step up their performance.

Better air quality for improved mood

Similar to lighting, the quality of indoor air can also affect our mood, stress levels, and cognitive abilities. Air pollution is significantly notable in urban areas, where a higher concentration of gas emissions affects citizens’ overall health, and indoor spaces aren’t free of toxins and pollutants either. On the other hand, gyms created with biophilic design principles in mind are designed to keep the toxins out and ensure better air quality, thus reducing stress levels and improving customers’ moods. This is done by incorporating proper ventilation into the gym’s design as a way of managing toxin levels through filtration and air purification processes.

Natural materials and elements for a sense of vitality


Biophilic design is built on the concept that through the use of natural elements we are able to create environments that will inspire growth, productivity, motivation, and overall physical and mental wellness. While most gyms rely on the use of synthetic materials, biophilic gym design offers an opportunity to connect with nature through the implementation of natural, organic, and sustainable materials and elements. Earth-friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, cork, and rubber provide an organic aesthetic while also reducing the impact on the environment. In addition, plants and green walls infuse the space with natural fragrances and provide customers with a sense of vitality.

Color palette and decor for improved overall enjoyment

Another biophilic design element that modern gyms can benefit from is nature-inspired color palette and decor. Biophilic gyms often take a cue from nature in terms of color schemes, which is why you’ll notice a lot of greens, whites, beiges, and browns being incorporated into the gym’s design. These colors have a soothing effect, and when combined with nature-inspired decor, result in an indoor environment that has all the elements of the great outdoors. The abundance of potted and hanging plants makes for an effortless yet stylish addition. When combined with wallpapers with natural motifs, they are sure to boost overall enjoyment and result in increased client satisfaction.

After everything mentioned above, it’s easy to see why biophilic design is gaining in popularity when it comes to exercise spaces. Bringing the outdoors in doesn’t only turn a gym into a pleasant space for working out, but it also transforms it into a motivating environment that encourages focus, productivity, and positive mindset in customers. With so many physical and mental health benefits, biophilic gym design is certain to grow in popularity as more people discover the benefits of turning to nature.