6 Crazy Activities These Ceos Do In Their Spare Time

It’s not easy to run an entire company. Most CEO’s start their day early and end up late in bed just to make sure that the company doesn’t fall. To maximize their performance, they need periods of rest and recovery too. Otherwise, many of them will be victims of burnouts if they don’t do something to relieve stress.

And that is where hobbies come in handy. These co-curricular activities help to keep them productive and creative. So what are the six crazy activities CEO’s do during their free time? Keep reading this content to find that out.

1. Yoga

Full length shot of a group of young creative professionals having a meeting

Yoga is one sport that provides relaxation, clarity, and positivity. It’s a perfect exercise for people who do a million things at the same time. Successful business owners claim that yoga guides them towards providing employees with direction and reinforcement without overburdening them with the negative and bad mood that most bosses bring to work.

2. Fishing

Fishing is necessary for nurturing managerial skills. That’s because it takes discipline and patience to make a catch. Discipline and patience are two values that are essential to managing a company. It, therefore, helps improve these successful people’s ethic at work.

3. Traveling

Traveling helps you to create a culture of adventurous and curiosity. If you are determined to see what the world has to offer, one of the ways to do that is by traveling around the world’s finest of places.

From driving to canoeing, CEO’s use these methods to enjoy their leisure time. Traveling helps to free one’s mind and gives them time to think of the bigger picture outside the office environment.

4. Meditating


As a busy person, you are often jumping from meetings to meetings, and you rarely get time to reflect on how your actions affect people around you. Meditating is, therefore, a great hobby to help you improve focus and have general self-awareness.

5. Exercising

It may seem at first that working out is adding other physical demands to your body, but exercising can make you a better head. Running a company requires both mental and physical ardous.

Exercises help you keep physically fit and manage your stress. Plus, you can keep changing the routine of your workout to accommodate the demands of your jobs.

6. Preparing a Meal

Cooking is a great stress reliever. It gets your mind off work and teaches patience and persistence because you have to wait for the meal to cook and if it backfires, you have to try it again and again until you get the recipes right. And apparently, CEO’s do need these values to lead a successful company.

CEO’s often run against the clock and barely have time for themselves. But if you get some free time, you can engage in these hobbies that are shared by other business owners to help you deal with stress, improve your performance at work as well as your quality of life.