Best Running Blogs for Beginners

Running is one activity that can help you improve your health. However, before lacing your shoes, you need to find some inspiration that will keep you going. In this guide,find a list of top 10 best running blogs to follow.

1. Running Shoe Guru

Just as the name suggests, Running Shoe Guru offers buying guides and reviews for your running accessories. Besides, it has a training section that offers content based on mobility, recovery, techniques, and strengths.

The site all site contains all the information you require in order to start your running journey.

2. Dr. Nick’s Running blog

Dr. Nick is a podiatrist and an avid runner. In his blog, he incorporates an easy to understand and well-thought short and digestible essays on the latest in running gears and science.


Additionally, in his blog, he outlines how both newbies and senior athletes can help prevent injuries. Moreover, if you are having a problem with gear selections, give this blog a try.

3. Lazy Girl Running

Founded by Laura Fountain, a UK-based running coach, Lazy Girl Running has made it to the best running blogs list. In her work, Laura emphasizes the need to learn and enjoy running as one of the essential ways to avoid common diseases.

Besides, in her work, she focuses on the physical as well as mental components required to feel good when having your runs. In addition, she has great race training plans that can help you out if you are stuck in the planning process, so check out her blog.

4. iRunFar

The site is run by Editor Bryon Powell and his team. In this blog, you will find a comprehensive coverage and news about trail and ultra-running.


Besides, he also offers gear reviews, race news with a big community of readers who offer insightful comments and feedback. The articles on will keep you abreast with all that is happening within the realm of sports.

5. Fannetastic Food

Founded by Anne who is a registered dietician, in her blog, she features healthy eating tips, recipes along with a mix of exercise tips and race recaps. Her blog will keep you fueled for the next long run. As a runner or marathoner, you can get tons of kitchen ideas from this blog.

6. Run to Finish

Amanda Brooks has several years of running experience. She brings on board her research and trial and errors so that you can benefit from her experience.

Her blog is witty with a blend of real stories and running advice. Be sure to bookmark this blog for some good running tips.

7. Science of Running

In his blog, Steve Magness teaches you how to run like an elite. Besides, he demonstrates to you through his website videos and podcasts what training Olympians require. Besides, he provides both mental and physical techniques that fit both seasoned and new runners.

8. Diary of Rubbish Marathoner

The blog is run by an Irish-Thomas. He offers down to earth advice and practical tips for running all with a proven track record of experience. When you read his race reviews, you will find yourself dreaming of a vocational run along the Emerald Isle.

9. Weight off My Shoulders

Dani a runner and weight watchers vet from Boston is the one behind this blog. Her stories of transformation and continued fitness through healthy eating and running connects with many runners across the globe.


The blog particularly fits those who are having health goals in mind while starting their runs.

10. Wandering in a Running World

Since 1970’s Toni Reavis as a journalist has had his fingers on many pulses. His commentary on big races and athletes in the sport is an assurance to draw you to his work. Besides, he covers high profile events live and this makes a boost to the rating of his blog. No wonder people love it.