Do Socks Make A Difference In Running?

When it comes to professional running, much has been said. Some of the talks are theories backed by science, whereas others are simply hypotheses. One of the theories continues to raise debate among many people who are interested in this topic is whether or not wearing socks can have an impact on the outcome of a race.

Do socks make a difference in running? The answer is “YES”, they do.

Why Putting On Running Socks Can Improve Your Running Performance

There is no getting away from the fact that socks play an important role when it comes to a marathon. There many ways in which putting on socks can improve an athlete’s performance. I am going to explain some of them with additional info:

1. Reducing Foot Movement


Ever put on a pair of sneakers without socks? If yes, I am sure you had your feet slipping and sliding in those shoes persistently, while on the move. Running socks provide enough grip that stabilizes your feet inside your footwear.

This reduces foot movement inside the shoe, especially when running, lowering the amount of friction for your feet. The result is better performance on the track with comfort and fewer blisters.

2. Joint Support

Some runners have weak ankle joint problem, which they developed after years of running. And sometimes it hinders them from delivering their best performance when it comes to a marathon. This can be overcome by wearing running socks or wrapping a bandage around the ankle area.


Running socks create a firm weave around the ankle area that extends to the upper part of the socks. This offers additional support for the joint, thus improving a runner’s performance. Special running socks for runners with problematic joints have been proved to provide a critical advantage in running.

3. Additional Cushioning

Running socks play an important role in running by providing additional padding as well as cushioning around high impact areas such as toes, heels, and balls of feet. This is especially helpful when running on hard or uneven surfaces, thus enhancing a runner’s performance.

4. Moisture Wicking

One of the primary reasons why people put on socks is to prevent their feet from sweating inside the shoes. Sweat cannot only make your feet uncomfortable in the shoes, but it can also cause blisters and bacterial infection to your feet.

Socks will make a difference in running by getting rid of sweat from your feet, using an important feature called moisture wicking, which comes with many running socks. With that, you will enjoy additional comfort with zero blisters and infection, all which are factors that could otherwise hinder your running performance.

Final Thoughts


As you can see from the explanation above, socks can make a huge difference when it comes to running. To get the most out of these soft pieces of clothing that are worn on the feet before putting on shoes, be sure to get a pair of running socks, if you are a runner. These socks are specifically designed for runners and thus will provide the ultimate advantages of wearing socks in running.