How Do You Hang Clothes In A Laundry Room

Money is to your needs what clothes are to your laundry room; you’ll never have enough of one item to satisfy the other fully. The exact way your needs are limitless and no amount of money will ever satisfy them, you’ll never have enough clothes, and if you think you have, you’ll quickly realize that your laundry room is too small to accommodate other family members clothes.

More often than not, we are compelled t employ clever tricks to save space in our laundry rooms and hand more clothes. How do you hang your clothes in your laundry room?

Tip 1: Hang your shirts inside others; t-shirts inside others.

Laundry room

It is easy to criticize this trick, but you’ll be shocked at how economical, regarding space, it will turn out to be. If you don’t intend to wear your shirts soon, then there is no point in hanging them separately; put five or so shirts on one hanger, repeat the process with other shirts, and let them dry in the laundry room for days.

Tip 2: Invest in a folding drying rack

Folding drying racks help you maximize the space in your laundry room by making it possible to hang shirts in unorthodox places such as behind the door.

Once you’re done drying your shirts, fold your drying rack and leave your laundry room looking normal again. check here for folding rack options.

Tip 3: Invest in 40-hook wall mounted drying rack


Here is another method of saving space in your laundry room. Buy one of those 40+ hook space-conscious wall mounted drying racks to help you hang more shirts per square meter.

Tip 4: Avoid using freestanding drying racks

Freestanding racks waste a lot of space by allowing you to dry your shorts by spreading them horizontally. This method of drying clothes should only be adopted if you have a bigger laundry room.