How to Take Wedding Photos

Have you been invited to photograph a wedding? Worried that you might not be that great? Worry not, this article will take you through the do’s and don’ts of wedding photography. Remember, a wedding is a special day, and you need to do your best. It is a one in a lifetime event, and it’s why you need to capture these memories professionally.

You need to be extra careful because weddings create no room for errors. Anyways, wedding photography isn’t hard. It’s super fun. Follow these tips, and you will be okay.

1. Carry All Essential Accessories

Most weddings last between 8 to 12 hours or so. You won’t have time to rush for a camera lens that you forgot at the studio or an extra set of batteries.



You need to pack all the essential accessories that you may require on that day. No one likes excuses. Therefore don’t be a nuisance to the bride or groom by telling them how you forgot carrying a stand or something of that sort.

2. Bring Help

From an honest point of view, wedding photography is a lot of work. Moreover, if it’s your first time to do a wedding shoot. Don’t hesitate asking for help.

Let a fellow photographer tag along. He/she will help you when things become over-complicated. Plus, having some of assistance beside you will keep you fresh and focused throughout the shoot.

3. Familiarize Yourself with The Venue

One thing professional wedding photographers do is familiarizing themselves with the venue. A day or two before the wedding. Make sure you visit the premises early in advance. This will give you an opportunity to determine which type of shots you will take, the best viewpoints and how you can play around with the lighting.


Pay attention to the entire environment and see what might be an obstacle and how you can beat that obstacle. Try and take photos of different spots and see how they will appear. Never go blindly for a wedding shoot without knowing what you should or shouldn’t do.

4. Ask The Bride and Groom for A List of Those They Want Photographed

In every wedding, there is that group of people that you need to pay most attention to. This includes close family members and friends. For instance, you must take shots of the parents of the groom and bride. The siblings and close friends also matter.

Make sure you ask for a list so that a certain group doesn’t miss out. Don’t be distracted by other occurrences of the event. You should also familiarize yourself with the order of events so that you know what is being done and at what time.

5. Take Lots of Photos

During the course of the event, you can never be too sure that a picture will turn out great or not. The best alternative is taking lots of photographs for one shot. Five shots are sufficient per every pose. Feel free to change the angles. Take different types of shots so that you spice things up. Having many photos will give you the liberty to choose the best when editing them.


With these tips, you can confidently walk into a wedding shoot with utmost confidence. Be relaxed, and you will notice how smoothly things will flow. If you look stressed, the bride and groom will also feel the same. Try and also look for the hidden pearls that can give your photo a good frame.