How To Use A Leg Stretcher For Flexibility?

Legs’ stretching is a way to improve the flexibility of hamstring, thighs, adductors, and give your body a good calve. All these provisions are essential for body splits, high kicks, toe touches, and other body movements that need whole body movement when performing them. If you have desired to have a flexible body, then you have just made the right decision by visiting us here.

When you visit the gymnasts we have nowadays; surprisingly you will not fail to get leg stretcher accessory with an expert taking people through the process.

If any of you has experience with these machines, he or she will agree with us that using a leg stretcher is a simple task. It, however, requires some bit of training with continues practice for you to perfect the process. So allow us to take you through the process gradually using RDX Leg Stretcher as an example.

Steps on how to use a leg stretcher

1). Step 1: Warm up

Warming up should be the first thing to do even before you touch your stretching machine. You need to warm up your body with a slight cardio exercise.


Doing that ensures you increase your body temperatures. Take some jogging, do a walk, do rope skipping, bicycle cycling among other training and they will work best for you.

2). Step 2: Check the machine and start with a mild stretch

Go straight to this step after warming. Stretch your leg and seat on the stretcher seat. Adjutant the stretcher in such a point both legs become well stretcher without you feeling any pain. Ensure you follow these two rules.

· Ensure all part of your ischium seat well on the stretcher seat

· Lean forward at the hip and do not round your back.

When you are in that position, you can start stretching in mild until to a point you feel you cannot go further.

3). Step 3: Increase the stretching Range

RDX Leg Stretcher has the composition of the central bar. You need to hold this bar and pull it towards yourself. The more you make a pull, the more the stretching angle increase.


Do not overdo the pulling. Just pull gently and hold in that position for seconds. Be flexible and never hold your breath at any single point. Remember to check your seating position as we mentioned here above. Unmonitored stretching might led to the cracking of joints.

4). Step 4: Build your leg muscle

Try to bring your legs together by pulling them together. Do not hold your breath. Here you act against the resistance of the leg-stretching machine. Try to maintain that position for about 20 seconds.

When you want to release the contraction, take a deep breath and then out heavily. Increase the stretch, relax the leg muscle, and release the contraction. You can hold in this position for one minute.

5). Repeat step 3 and 4

You need to do the two steps above severally until you feel you cannot go further. Increase your time of holding from 1 minute to 2.

Things to do when stretching with a machine

· Put your legs and shoulder in a relaxed figure

· Breath out forcefully when releasing held in the air

· Stretch 3 times a week

· Keep a tall seating position when stretching

Things not to do

· Never clench your jaw or even hunch your shoulders during stretching

· Never round your lower back it might cause injuries

· Never lean forward from your back but only on the hip

· If your muscles start shaking or burn abnormally, change that stretching position immediately.


Stretching experiences is the same in almost all leg-stretching machines. Your way of approach should, therefore, apply across all devices. Take a leg stretcher machine today and stay fit.