Running 101: How Often Should You Run?

When you decide to start a run, you have a lot of questions. How to start working? What should a pairing? Is it normal if I sometimes go? read more from this article.

In this article, I will give you some essential tips for beginners.

Advice for newcomers to streaming 1: it’s not too late to start streaming

No matter how old you are, exercise is right for you. Many scientific studies have shown that regular exercise gives you many benefits, such as increased energy, reduced likelihood of heart disease and cancer,

Best Sleep Patterns This list is not over yet!

Tip for streaming beginners 2: start with driver/walker

I always recommend starting the runners with a running program consisting of running and walking. For starters, you will not be able to run. This will put you at high risk of injury and health problems.


You must start slowly and slowly build up that endurance and those muscles that work. You can achieve great success in a short period, and the chances of getting pleasure from it and continuing to do it are much higher.

Beginner Tip 3: Keep a Record

Running record, which puts the necessary information about your exercises. If, how far I ran, how long it took, what type of run I did (for example, running/walking, light work, interval), etc.

You can also enter additional information, such as average heart rate during jogging, how you felt, what the weather was, etc.

You can keep records for several good reasons. One of them is that they certainly provide an added incentive when you see how mileage increases week by week.


The other is that it allows you to look later and find out why a particular race did not go according to plan, why you were injured, etc. The recording is a valuable tool for beginners and the most experienced runners.

Beginner’s Tip for Streaming 4: Specific Goals

Start running with a view. This may be due to weight loss or performance. For example, set yourself a goal – to run without a break for 30 minutes for twelve weeks. Or a loss of 5 kg in 3 months. If you do not have specific goals or reasons for continuing to work, it will be difficult to keep when the situation becomes , and the initial enthusiasm begins to fade.