What Can You Do In Copenhagen In One Day

Copenhagen is a great city to be in; it is among the happiest cities in the world. Half the population of Copenhagen ride bikes to work, this is a happy and healthy city that wouldn’t want to miss one when you happen to visit Denmark. The population in this city regularly volunteers, and they usually have the highest number of voters turn out during elections compared to all other democratic counties in the entire world.

Copenhagen is a massive city with a lot of attractions, while you can always walk or use public transport, for a perfect day in Copenhagen, you can move around with a bicycle. This is a cheap and fun mode of transport which will also make you feel like a local.


You can begin your day in Copenhagen with an 8.am breakfast that is served in Danish style. At 9.am, you can go ahead and rent your bicycle for the day; this is a perfect city for bicycle lovers. It has designated lanes as well as traffic lights which makes getting around Copenhagen with a bicycle easy and safe.

You can then ride your bike to the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen, of you do not love crowds you can visit this place in the morning when there are not many people.

You can then choose to ride to the top Copenhagen museums or the Rosenberg castle, go to website to see more interesting places.


By noon, you should be ready to go for lunch, and this can be taken at Torvehallene, if you are fun of Denmark dishes, then this is the place to find some of the popular ones.You can then spend your early afternoons cycling between Torvehallene and harbor.Cycle to the Nyhavn, this is a very iconic place, and it is worth your time, so pack your bike somewhere and walk around as you enjoy the beautiful scenery.