What Do Inverted Nipples Indicate

Naturally, the breast nipples should grow to point outwards, but the case is different for some women. Around 10 to 20 women are reported to have their nipples growing inward; a condition referred to as an inverted nipple or nipple inversion. One can be born with inverted nipples, or it could occur later in life.

What causes nipple inversion?

If nipple inversion occurs later in your life, it is treated as a medical condition which is associated with the following causes.

· Breastfeeding.

If your milk ducts get scarred when breastfeeding, this could cause the nipples to invert when you finish breastfeeding.

· An injury.


An injury to your breasts can affect the nipples and cause them to turn inward. If the damage is not severe, it can be treated by nverted nipple correction surgery.

· A botched breast job.

This occurs in the case of breast augmentation. If the procedure is not carried out correctly by a qualified doctor, one of the side effects that you may suffer is nipple inversion on one breast or both.

· Cancer.

The cancerous cells may spread to the nipple and the areola, causing nipple retraction. Note that if the cancer is not detected at an early stage, it may lead to breast amputation.

· Age.

At the age 35 and above, the ducts begin to grow short, which results in the nipple growing inwards.

· Trauma.

Trauma is related to an injury to the breast, especially around the areola and milk ducts. If a heavy object strikes these parts of the breast, it may result in the nipple curving inward.

Effects of inverted nipples.

Poor breastfeeding.

If you develop this condition at birth, or before breastfeeding, it can significantly affect your nursing process.

Is inverted nipple treatable?


If a medical condition does not cause the nipple inversion, treating it is not necessary. However, there are treatment solutions which offer both temporary and permanent fix. They include;

· A surgical procedure by a qualified doctor.

· Use of suction devices.

· Use of Hoffman devices.


If the inverted nipple is caused by a severe medical condition such as cancer, the doctor will advise the correct aesthetic methods for treatment. None the less, nipples are just like the standard parts of the body, which gets affected by various conditions. But, make sure to get regular check-ups to prevent deadly disease such as breast cancer associated with an inverted nipple.