What Is Compression Therapy For Legs?

Different methods of treatment are often applied for different types of problems and compression therapy is one of them. This is a type of treatment that targets the lower limbs and ankles by applying pressure on them to increase blood flow. The pressure then ensures that blood passes through the leg veins easily thereby eliminating chances of pain or swelling.

This method of treatment is great for everyone who has chronic swelling and pain in their legs as it is not invasive and it is very effective.

How it works

The main purpose of compression therapy is improving blood flow in the legs and it does this through compression stockings. These are products that are specifically designed to press the legs in different sections starting from the ankles towards the knees. They are made with elastic material which ensures that you remain comfortable while wearing them.

Compression Therapy

The material also replicates the behavior of muscles which imitates contraction and relaxation. The stockings are to be worn every morning and removed at night since that is when your legs need more support. They are measured according to each person’s leg size ensuring everyone gets a perfect fit.

Benefits of compression therapy

This is a painless and effective method of treatment, making it the perfect choice of avoiding spider veins. When blood doesn’t flow properly, veins become blue and swell turning into what is commonly known as “spider veins”. If left untreated, they can cause bigger problems including fatigue.

Compression therapy also helps promote faster healing of wounds. The treatment is also suitable for everyone regardless of whether you have an active lifestyle or not. It can, therefore, be used by anyone whether it’s an athlete or someone who sits at a desk the whole day.



Although the stockings are easily accessible, it’s advisable to talk to a professional before starting the treatment. They will determine the extent of the problem and will advise accordingly. Since the stockings come with different pressure capabilities, a professional healthcare provider will tell you the most suitable one for you and ensure you get the appropriate help you need.