What Should A Vegan Runner Eat?

Any physical exercise demands a lot of effort and energy as it involves burning a lot of calories. Runners find it hard to choose the ideal diet to take prior a race. It is much more difficult for vegan runners to choose the right foods. To fancy the chances of having success in any race the diet has a huge contribution to make since it is responsible for providing the required energy.

Proteins and carbohydrates which are known to be energy-giving foods and vegans have very limited options when it comes to choosing the right diet.

To learn more about some of the available options read this article to get a better understanding.



As mentioned earlier proteins make a huge constituent of the diet of any runner and any normal person. Proteins are known to contain amino acids that play part in building healthy muscles, providing enough energy and repairing torn tissues. Protein sources are fish, eggs, beef, and poultry but this list doesn’t fit in a vegan diet plan. Vegans should not feel left out since there other foods that are rich in protein. Some of the viable protein sources include beans, seeds, legumes, non-dairy milk, grains, lentils, and nuts.


This diet constituent is also vital for somebody who has does vigorous exercises or activities that demand a lot of energy. Carbohydrates are energy giving foods since the contain chains of sugar which are later converted into glucose which is responsible for providing the required energy.

This field has a lot of vegans covered since most of the staple vegetables contain carbohydrates. A vegan runner could, therefore, source carbohydrates from leafy green vegetables, grains, and fruits.

Zinc and Iron

Cast iron skillet of roasted autumn vegetables against a rustic

These very crucial components should be included in any vegan runner’s diet. Zinc is known to hold properties that help fight infections and illnesses. It is also considered to be effective in healing any body injuries and boosting immunity. On the other hand, iron is helpful in increasing oxygen supply into the blood which helps the runners adapt and run long races.